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Mission Statement

The purpose of the endowment fund is to ensure that adequate moneys are available for the next 150 years to preserve and maintain the physical structure of the historic Riverton Steamboat Landing pier and building, to prevent a recurrence of the deterioration that occurred at the end of the 20th century, and to generally provide funds to carry out the charitable purposes of the Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation.

Ice Jam at Riverton

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Our Story

There is a story behind every community but not every community has a physical structure that clearly captures and personifies that story. The Riverton steamboat landing pier, with its stick-style clubhouse, is an integral part of the fabric of the entire region, whether serving as the backdrop for innumerable wedding photos, anchoring local 4th of July activities or providing a home to multiple fleets of world-class sailors.

In 1850, the Riverton Iron Pier Company constructed a pier as a steamboat landing to facilitate transportation between New Jersey and Pennsylvania towns along the Delaware River. In addition to passengers, the steamboats carried parcels, farm produce and truck shipping. The pier location was chosen by Philadelphia Architect Samuel Sloan who planned the layout of Riverton and designed many of the riverfront homes for the original ten Philadelphia founders of Riverton. In 1880, a clubhouse for the Riverton Yacht Club was constructed on the pier but it came with conditions. One room on the ground floor was set aside to serve as a passenger waiting room and a central opening through the building was required to allow access to the river steamboats for farmers and merchants.

Although the steamboats have long since disappeared, the pier and clubhouse building have survived and provide a visual link to the community's historic relationship to the Delaware River and the steamboat traffic that supported local commerce more than a century ago. The pier and clubhouse are iconic structures that are widely recognized and appreciated as representative of the town and region at large.

For many years, the pier and clubhouse were maintained by the membership of the Riverton Yacht Club. However, the facility exists in a harsh environment where it is constantly buffeted by a six foot tide, swirling currents, waves and, in the winter, significant ice flows. In 1997 the Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation was created for the purpose of preserving the only remaining steamboat landing on the Delaware River as an historical treasure. The IRS has recognized it as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Through its efforts, a one million dollar historic preservation grant was obtained from the Federal Department of Transportation to refurbish the pier. Additional substantial grants were obtained from the William B. Dietrich Foundation as well as smaller donations from many individuals which allowed for the repair and restoration of the club house building and the pier.

1908 Timetable
High Tide 2010

The lesson learned from the experience of two decades ago is that the maintenance and repair of the pier and clubhouse take significant resources and there is clearly no guarantee that the generous donors of the past can be counted on provide the same level of support in the future. The Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation has therefore embarked on a mission to create an endowment to be used for the long-term maintenance and preservation of this local landmark.

Won't you join us in support of this mission?

Old Post Card

As a lifelong member of Riverton Yacht Club, I grew up here, as did many of my friends and relatives. The club is an integral part of Riverton and the entire Delaware Valley. Please help us continue the tradition with donations to the Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation to keep the authentic architectural structure alive for generations to come.

Bob Martin
Past mayor of the Borough of Riverton and former board member of the Riverton Steamboat Landing and Riverton Yacht Club


2023 Officers

Bob Johnson

Vice President
Patrick Curran

Past President
Devon Rau

Catherine Lippencott

Nicole Curran

2023 Board Members

Chris O'Brien

Dan Walsh

James Elder

Amy Maute

Lynn Mills

Clint Neuman



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